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The Alchemy Collection continues to push the limits of our 3D printing and knitting powers, introducing flex-wear technology for the next step in comfort and durability.

Not Afraid

Revolutionizing the way sneakers are made while helping to take on climate change – not easy. See how we got started and why we're not afraid to keep changing the world.

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Designed to do what others can’t, Unis sneakers meld forward-thinking, sustainability, and bold style so that you can make a statement with every step.

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Unis sneakers are unlike any shoe you’ve seen before. Never mass-produced, each pair is 3D printed into existence when you place your order, combining innovative design with cutting-edge technology to take the next step in sustainable fashion.

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We turn trash into prized possessions that you can wear and then recycle. Our sneakers help the Earth heal and put you in control of what you stand on, stand in, and stand for.

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Made To Order

As soon as you place your order we get to work, assembling your sneakers from scratch.

From Trash to Treasure | Using Ocean plastic to 3D Shoes

Waves without waste

Plastic waste collected from our oceans form the raw material for our unique sneakers.

Made From Recycled Plastic | Sustainably Made Sneakers


The plastic bottles we collect are shredded and spun into soft plastic thread, used to 3D knit the multi-colored uppers.

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Assemble & Ship

The three components are then assembled by hand right here in the USA, just outside of Pittsburgh. They’re checked for perfection, then laced up and shipped out.

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Next Stop: You

Even the box your sneakers arrive in is recyclable. Pull out your new shoes, try them out with your wardrobe, then fold down the box to be turned into something else.

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Style Reincarnated

When your sneakers wear out, send us your original order number at We'll get back to you with a 20% discount on a new pair and a shipping label so you can send the old ones in to be recycled.

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The NewAlchemyCollection

The NewAlchemyCollection

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The New AlchemyCollection

The New AlchemyCollection

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