Turning  Plastic Waste Into a wearable statement

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Unique construction. Exceptional craftsmanship. Every Unis sneaker is made from high quality, sustainable materials using proprietary 3D knitting and printing technology. Our knitted upper, foamless midsoles, and hand-cast soles are assembled by hand in the USA.


The Process


We start by gathering the materials we need to print our sneakers. Unlike your average sneaker makers, we chose to recycle plastic bottles, melting them down to create the plastic filament and thread to feed our 3D printing and knitting machines.

01 - The base02 - Spinning Thread03 - 3D Printing04 - Assembly
01 - The base
Yin and Yang Collection | Unis Sneakers
The Process


To achieve our unique look and incredible fit, we 3D knit each upper for our sneakers from rPET as a single piece. That means there’s no sewing or stitching, and our shoes can stretch to fit just right. Ingenious construction, incredibly comfortable.

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01 - The base02 - Spinning Thread03 - 3D Printing04 - Assembly
02 - Spinning Thread
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The Process


Our midsoles are individually printed from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), replacing harmful raw materials that are typically used in shoes. Our patent-pending 3D printers build each midsole layer by layer to form a comfortable, tapered platform that can take a beating before being completely recycled into a brand new pair of sneakers.

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01 - The base02 - Spinning Thread03 - 3D Printing04 - Assembly
03 - 3D Printing
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The Process


Unlike the uppers and midsoles, we craft our outer soles by hand. A two-part mixture is poured into a mold, creating recyclable rubber. After the rubber sets, the material is cut into shape for each and every shoe. Since our soles are recyclable, you can rest easy knowing the footprint they leave won’t be a carbon one.

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01 - The base02 - Spinning Thread03 - 3D Printing04 - Assembly
04 - Assembly
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